"I am fascinated with the permanence of jewelry, and how we use them for expression and symbolism."

In the process of learning how to make jewelry, I fell in love with the craft and have a feeling of getting out of my head and thinking with my hands when I sit at the work bench.

The knit jewelry was created with love for another craft: knitting.

I see stitch markers as more than a tool for marking eg. the start of your round or your raglan increases. They are personal jewelry pieces for your needles and yarn and contribute to the joy and aesthetics of knitting.

That is why I have refined the little tool into a jewelry piece in precious metal and stones. The knitter can choose the stone either for its beauty or its spiritual meaning.

Product care

If you take care of your jewelry they will last a lifetime and longer.

I recommend that you take off your jewelry when you shower and when you sleep. Silver will oxidize a bit over time. This can be polished off with a soft cloth.

Knit jewelry should be stored in the COLLECTOR'S KIT to avoid scratches when they are not in use on the needles. 

If you need help to give your jewelry back their shine, please contact me, and we will find a solution.


I prefer to be honest: mining metals is not the most environmentally friendly affair. That is why we have a shared responsibility when it comes to treating jewelry with respect.

I take my part of the responsibility by only creating the amount of jewelry that I sell and make sustainable choices around the process and packaging.

You can take yours by only buying pieces, that you absolutely love. Make sure to recycle or reuse the packaging, take care of your jewlery and pass them on when the time is right.

How can I help you?

Let me know if you have any questions or special requests, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can use the contact form right here or send an e-mail to julie@julienielsen.dk